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The new A 941 surface planer with 410 mm planing width

With technologically advanced detailed solutions, innovative operating convenience and clear machine design, the A 941 planer inspires and amazes woodworkers all over the world.


Perfectly planed surfaces, maximum reliability and user-friendliness that is in a class of its own and top operating safety – the planers from Austria meet all the requirements of perfect woodworking.


Stable, accurate and unparalleled space-saving design, all details of the surface planer A 941 are convincing and ensure accuracy for many years.


  • Minimum space requirements due to optimised planing fence with single handed operation and built in auxiliary fence

  • The Felder planer guard: highest safety with maximum user comfort

  • Easy to read scale, optimally integrated into the machine chassis

  • The Felder system cutterblock, a guarantee of perfect planing results for decades

  • Silent-Power® spiral cutterblock halves noise emissions

Top planer Felder A941

Felder A 941

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