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The Felder 500 series circular saw unit offers a completely new dimension of quiet operation and efficiency. With a cutting height of 104 mm at a saw blade diameter of 315 mm, the unit meets the highest demands of modern wood processing.


High-quality system components and the highest quality of workmanship give the 500 circular saw unit unique features:

  • "X-Roll" format sliding table with linear guidance for the highest precision and durability

  • Format Sliding Table, cutting length 2500 mm. Generously dimensioned and designed for the highest load, the tenon and groove table "floats" on a high-tech advanced, modern "X-Roll" guide.

  • Crosscut Fence 1300 mm, allows for the processing of larger, heavier workpieces using the format sliding table. Four guide rollers of the telescopic crosscut arm with ball bearings ensure the highest precision and quiet operation.

  • Mitre Fence: The crosscut fence with a length setting of 2600 mm can be smoothly adjusted for mitre cuts between 90° and 45°.

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Felder K500S

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