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This traditional Ryoba saw has very good cutting characteristics and can be used for the finer sawing. Use this handy Ryoba for example for model building and instrument building. The saw is traditionally equipped with a wooden handle and a razor sharp sharpened saw blade.

The saw has a three-sided cut trapezoidal toothing (17 TPI) on the short side. The shell side of the saw blade is provided with a triangle toothing that increases to 7 TPI.

Set of Japanese Saws

Ryoba Saw

The narrow cutting width and smooth surface of the cross-section make it ideal for precision work such as braid work.

The blade of this precision saw is very delicate, so you can enjoy the best sharpness by pulling it straight without applying excessive force. (Pushing too hard or pulling at an angle may damage the blade.).

The blade is designed to be replaced with the back metal itself, so there is no risk of failure when replacing the blade.


Blade : High Carbon steel
Handle:Japanese Cherry (Beeswax finish)


Blade Thickness (mm) :0.2

Blade length(mm) :210

Cutting width (mm) :0.27

TPI :33.5

Replaceable Blade Saw - Sakura handle - Dozuki Saw 210mm

Ryoba Saw_edited.jpg
Dozuki Sakura_edited.jpg

This is a folding saw for precision woodworking.
Since there is no clam, it can be used for dowel cutting.



Blade:Carbon steel for blade
Handle: Beech

Overall Length (mm):250
Blade Width(mm):100
Weight (g):70

Mini Folding Saw "Pocket 100" For Precision Woodworking

Precision Japanese Saw.jpg
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