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Rent Your Bench
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We offer a variety of projects and design options that will fit your team’s needs and make this event a success!


You can either opt for the collective design of pieces of furniture useful for the workspace or the creation of beautiful personal objects, with the pride of doing it yourselves.

Team-Building Workshops: Unite and Create Together!

Team Building is important for Companies. Woodworking is an excellent way to develop team working

Build up your team by building with your team!

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Team building workshop at The Makers Society to i

Creating something together is one of the best catalysts for building a sense of camaraderie, making special memories and inspiring creativity within a group.

Our team-building workshops provide the perfect opportunity for your team to collaborate, socialize and most importantly, leave with a brag-worthy project!

"This sounds perfect, where do we sign up?"

1. Fill up our team-building workshop request form and give us the information
on your team size and availability.

2. Select one of the projects that are offered that you’d like your team to build
3. Show up and have fun!

Note: We can help you cater your event by partnering with some of our favorite local catering services.

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