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Woodworking Tools Set Silver

Set of bevel edge chisels in canvas tool roll

  • Sturdy canvas roll is stitched to hold 5 bench chisels with additional space that can be used e.g. for a marking knife or a carving tool. Edges of the roll are sewn with ​polyester banding to prevent fraying. A ​long tie firmly closes the roll to prevent the tools from slipping out.

  • Inovated chisel with improved cross-section of the blade that minizes friction when cutting into wood. Improved grinding of the edges creates expecially thin sides which are in particular needed in dovetailing.

  • Ergonomic handle from hard and hefty hornbeam wood is strong enough to withstand heavy mallet blows. Combination of the stained hornbeam handle, brass ferrule and improved grinding of the blade creates a unique design of the tool.

  • BladeHandle forged from highly alloyed Cr-Mn steel

  • heat treated up to 59 HRc

  • thin sides for sidewall clearance

  • ergonomic with round cross-section

  • stained hornbeam wood

  • brass ferrule

Narex Set of chisels_edited at The Makers Society Dubai

Luban No. 5 Bench Plane

The No. 5 is a jack plane that is perhaps the most used plane in any workshop. Known as the ‘jack of all trades’, it can be used to perform many tasks such as trimming, smoothing and flattening boards.  Its blade can be honed square for jointing (straightening) work on smaller work pieces or sharpened with a camber for smoothing and flattening stock.


This No 5 weighs 2.7 kg which is probably one of the heaviest in its class. Based on the Bedrock pattern, it is substantial, accurate, and a delight to work with. The blade is thick and made of high carbon steel blade which means you can get a sharp cutting edge with little effort.

The Luban Planes offer excellent quality and remarkable value.

Key features:

  • Size: L 345 mm x W 60 mm x H 135 mm

  • Precision ground body with remarkably flat sole and square wings

  • Blade material: T10 high carbon steel hardened to RC63

  • Blade width: 50 mm

  • Blade thickness: 3 mm

  • Blade bevel angle: 25 degrees

  • Iron bedded at 45 degrees

  • Handle material: Bubinga

  • Weight: 2.7 Kg

Luban handplane n.5 at The Makers Society Dubai
Luban Low Angle Block Plane at The Makers Society Dubai

Low Angle Block Plane

  • This finely crafted low angle block plane is designed for planing end grain with the lower 12 degree cutting angle allowing the blade to shear end-grain fibers more effectively.

  • The Luban Low Angle Block plane is moulded to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand and is a delight to use.

  • Minimal final honing is required prior to use.

Features Summary

  • Body material: Iron

  • Blade steel: T10

  • Hardness of blade: 59-63

  • Material of lever cap: Stainless steel or Bronze

  • Cutting edge: Honed to 25 degrees

  • Angle of blade to sole: 12 degrees

  • Weight: 800g

  • Size: 160mm L * 45mm W * 63mm H

Ryoba Saw at The Makers Society Dubai

240mm Gikoh Ryoba Saw

  • Easy blade replacement

  • Combination rip and crosscut blades

  • Impact-hardened Japanese steel

  • Comfortable rattan-wrapped handle

  • Safety blade case

  • Made in Japan

This Gikoh Ryoba Saw offers a combination of rip and crosscut blades that are made with impact-hardened Japanese steel for long-lasting sharpness. The lightweight wooden handle is wrapped with rattan for a comfortable grip that only gets better the more you use it.

What really sets this saw apart from other ryoba pull saws is the convenient one-touch latch that releases the blade from the handle for easy replacement. Even beginners can change the blade quickly and safely without the use of tools.

Enjoy smooth cutting with this versatile professional-level Japanese saw.

Recommended Uses

  • Rip cut sawing

  • Crosscut sawing

  • Overall Length: 575mm (22.6")
    Blade Length: 240mm (9.5")
    Blade Thickness: 0.6mm (0.023")

  • Kerf Width: 0.9mm (0.035")

  • TPI (crosscut): 15

  • TPI (rip cut): 7.5–10
    Weight: 180g (6.3 oz)

Dozuki saw at The Makers Society Dubai

Dozuki Saw 150mm

  • Used for precision cutting of fittings, furniture, etc.

  • ・The back metal (body) is attached to the thin blade to prevent it from bending.

  • ・The 0.3mm thickness and 25.4TPI grinders are common for saws with a body, making them easy to use even for first-time users.

  • Overall Length (mm):390
    Blade Width(mm):150
    Weight (g):125

Joiner Maller Narex at The Makers Society Dubai

Joiner Mallet

  • weight: 332g

  • Dimensions: 50 mm x 120 mm

  • Total length: 300 mm

  • Material: beech wood

Ruler K-Met at The Makers Society Dubai

Precision Square

  • Precision Universal Square KINEX

  • 150x100 mm, DIN 875/1

Digital Caliper Kinex Absolute Zero, 150/40 mm, DIN 862

Digital Caliper KINEX - ABSOLUTE ZERO 150mm, 0,01mm, Jaw Length 40mm, ABS, ORIGIN, PC mini USB, DIN 862. Siutable for calibration. Including a measurement report, accuracy 0,02mm.

Digital caliper K-Met at The Makers Society Dubai
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