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Write for Dubai Makers Society

At Dubai Makers Society we are constantly looking for contributors who want to share their tips and tricks and help our growing community. If you are interested in writing a blog article for us, read below some important information.

What are we looking for?

  • Tutorials for beginners and intermediate woodworkers wanting to learn new techniques

  • Articles from professional, semi-professional or hobbyists who have something interesting to share with other woodworkers

  • Tips and tricks that can help woodworkers to get more efficient in their projects

  • That your articles include at least 8 original quality photos that describe what you are writing about

  • That your article is at least 1300 words and maximum 2500 words

  • That your content is 100% original, comes from your personal knowledge or experience and that it has not already been published elsewhere

  • That you are willing to let us use your text indefinitely on our website

What are the steps?

  • Send us a proposal, summarizing your topic and point of view in a few paragraphs. Include a paragraph about yourself and your woodworking background

  • If we like your idea, we will get back to you to confirm our interest and give you the "ok" to start writing together with a short document with some format standards on how to write the article

  • Send us your article via email for final approval. If it requires any editing, we will let you know

What's for you?

  • We will pay AED300 per blog post (USD80 for overseas contributors)

  • We will include a link to your blog, website, social or wherever you have an online presence

Are you interested?

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